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Instructiuni de Curatare si Intretinere

Datorita materialelor delicate, produsele STYLAND necesita curatare chimica profesionala delicata sau spalare delicata cu produse de acelasi tip.

Aceste produse sunt fragile si se pot deteriora prin expunere repetata la caldura si chimicale, sau prin frecare cu accesorii sau articole cu elemente contondente.

Este indicata aerisirea si pastrarea produsului pe umerase care sa nu deterioreze forma initiala a produsului.

Calcarea produselor se face la o temperatura scazuta pe interiorul produselor fara a se folosi optiunea abur si se evita calcarea directa pe zonele cu print. 

Eticheta interna contine instructiuni de curatare specifice pentru articol. Va rugam cititi cu atentie eticheta inainte de indepartarea acesteia. 



Every single product of STYLAND is crafted by hand in our Atelier. We don’t produce excess inventory and we focus on the quality of work and fabrics.


The fabrics used by STYLAND are imported from certified suppliers from Italy and UK. All products are handcrafted from high thread-count wool, a Super 150s, thin, light and fragile, fully lined with stretch Silk in solid colors with internal canvassing. The casual, lounge wear collection boast at least 90% usage of sustainable materials, including TENCEL™ Lyocell, new generation of cotton, SUPIMA cotton and cutting edge recycled environmental protective fabrics.

Certified GOTS, OCS, GRS and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS.We recommend to care them properly to extend the life of your suit.

Here are our ten tips on how to use and care of your suit

1.        Always keep your suits hung upright on the original suit hanger and give them plenty of air

2.        Don’t wear the same suit two days in a row, as clothing typically needs at least a day of rest to breathe

3.        Dry-cleaning should only happen when your suit gets irrecoverably dirty. The chemicals involved in dry cleaning can wear out the wool, and if your suit is just a bit wrinkly, and not dirty, they should simply be pressed rather than dry-cleaned, steamed, not ironed.

4.        Small stains can be steamed out with a hand-steamer, or brushed out with a good, stiff suit brush

5.        Color eventually fade with exposure to sun or artificial light

6.         Be careful not use deodorant containing alcohol which may cause color loss from the silk inside the jacket.

(even the acidity may cause color loss on your products while wearing your suit)

7.        Bleach, a component in many household cleaning products and skin or hair preparations, is one of the most common causes of color loss and fabric damage

8.        We recommend that all matching items be dry-cleaned or laundered at the same time to ensure color uniformity

9.         Some cleaners will also not exercise sufficient care during the process and may damage the internal canvassing (this is not valid for pants which do not contain canvassing)

10.      Give your suit some steam treatment of its own while traveling, just hang up your suit, turn up the hot water in the shower, leave the vent off and close the door






Store the products on their original hanger. Avoid direct sun, heat or humidity. After wearing the product keep aering it for few hours before storing into your dressing on the original hanger.  




Every single T-shirt of STYLAND is crafted by hand in our Atelier. We don’t produce excess inventory and we focus on the quality of work and fabrics, using the softest, smoothest, best-looking Viscose Jersey

All T-shirts are handcrafted using Premium Quality Jersey imported from certified suppliers from Italy, mindful of the fact that natural resources cannot be utilized, abused and damaged indiscriminately.

STYLAND decided to embark on a path to make a concrete contribution towards protecting the planet, well-being and progress are only possible under these conditions.

Given the premise that technological advancements and style research are largely compatible with progress in the fields of ethics and the environment, STYLAND is committed to use high-quality fabrics with a low environmental impact that are equally focused on sustainability.

The Jersey used to produce STYLAND T-shirts, have been created with the reduction of chemical substances in the production process, adopting the 4sustainability Protocol and has implemented an MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List).

We recommend to care them properly to extend the life of your T-shirts.