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About Styland

Styland is a Romanian brand that specializes in ladies ready-to-wear garments including

Tailored Luxe Evening Suiting

Styland’s market research shows that the perfect formal attire has the same confidence-boosting effect on women as it does on men. Women wearing a tailored jacket were found to feel more secure and strong and less vulnerable. Styland’s female clients expect the highest levels of quality and want to maximize the return on their investment. In order to achieve this, every piece of the collection is produced in-house in a limited quantity and can be worn in many different ways and at different times in the day.
The handwork, craftsmanship and the premium fabrics imported from Italy and England are at the core of each product (Satin Silks, Extra Fine Wools, and Natural Fiber Fabrics).

Minimalist meets Maximalist aesthetic

Styland women are those who maintain their femininity but want to incorporate versatile and timeless pieces, commonly found in menswear, into their wardrobes creating a personal style that tells a story.
The moment you step into a room wearing a jacket with the right cut and shape in a great fabric you feel like a million dollars. Styland jackets are crafted by hand in the heart of Bucharest, they combine menswear inspired tailoring with feminine subtleties using virgin wool and silk, giving them an elegant and classic character. The jackets are made with a woman’s shape and movement in mind and strike the perfect balance between elegance and sensual.
From Monochromatic Aesthetics to Unexpected Brights, Styland is focusing first on quality fabrics that are then cut for a great style and handcrafted to deliver a powerful look and feel for a woman. Styland is remarked by impeccably framing the female silhouette captivating the attention of fashionistas and women in search of eclectic colors, sharp cuts and versatile pieces that can become their wardrobe’s core pieces.

Classic Cocktail attire with a Twist

“I believe that just a single, well-crafted jacket can change your complete look and entire state of mind. We all need a power jacket that has been reinterpreted and styled in our own personal way.”

Teodora Burz

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